About me

Alberto García (Sevilla, 1972)

Graphic artist, visual animal, self-confessed voyeur. Images captivate me. Even before I learned how to tie my own shoe laces I was already using my hand for drawing. I used to doodle for hours, for days, lost in that paralled universe of lines, shapes and colours.
Later I studied Advertising in the University of Seville and eventuallly ended up in the design and editorial illustration world.
I work with a pencil, the sort you might steal at Ikea, reused paper sheets, a Milan rubber and a silent HP laptop. I do not need anymore. Just to look and learn, turning things over in my mind and start looking at them again. Just like a child. And this is how I make my living.

Clients include:
Rolling Stone Magazine (España), XL Semanal, RENFE, On Madrid, Claves de Razón Práctica, Foreign Affairs Magazine, Baltimore Magazine, Acciona Transmediterránea, Telepizza, Leroy Merlin, Savia magazine (Amadeus), Cinemania, Mucho Viaje, Crédito & Caución, AC Hoteles, Pedro del Hierro, Cruz Roja, Barceló Viajes, Banesto, BBVA, Calvo, Canal Isabel II.